Project topic in progress

After creating the project proposal last week I went and met with Dr. Fernsebner because I still had some issues deciding if my topics had enough translated information on them. One of the ideas I originally had was to explore the ways that the rural population of China experienced the Cultural Revolution. I had a Read More

The future of the rural village

This poster titled “The future of the rural village” was published in October 1958 and was designed by Zhang Yuqing. The main scene in this poster depicts a group of people working on bringing in the grain harvest. Around them there are many examples of modernized technology that is the key element in “the future.” Read More

Potential Paper Topics

In previous courses I have always been fascinated by the Great Leap Forward as well as agriculture in China. Considering how much I have enjoyed researching those particular topics, one of the paper projects I am considering is looking at land reform in China. When I think of land reform in China, I instinctually think of Read More

Young & Restless in China- Trends

One of the many common trends thought the documentary was a dedication to family or sense of duty toward the family that was a big part of the social atmosphere for many of the nine individuals. Miranda Hong spoke about it clearly in the way family can influence careers and home life. Hong discussed that Read More


My name is Callie and I am a history major and a digital studies minor. For my first picture I chose this image of patriotic ducks because I collect rubber ducks. I also picked it because I happen to own several of that exact same duck! I chose this picture because I love to knit. I recently relearned Read More